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At last, a book that reveals




Sex And Matriarchy: Explorations Of Male
Sexual Deprivation And Other Social Ills

by Victor Woodhull

1995; 178pp; ISBN 0-9643190-0-4; $10.95 paperback

"Woodhull tells all, which is enough to get our PC brothers and sisters up tight....The sort of book that burns with truth." (The Book Reader, Fall 1995)

Some people claim our lives are ruled by a system of patriarchy, but Victor Woodhull (a name suspiciously close to that of a founding mother of modern feminism) uses evolutionary psychology principles to argue convincingly to the contrary in this entertaining blend of satire and science. You are invited to sample the introductory chapter (below). Ordering information follows if you'd like to obtain a copy and find out some generally unknown truths about male-female relationships, including:

HOW females have been breeding males for their own ends for eons,
WHAT are the root causes of male sexual deprivation,
WHY combating the hidden scourge of male sexual deprivation should be a national priority, and
HOW to bring equity to America's distorted sexual economy.

Woodhull's courageous expose of the forces that enslave males by exploiting their own sexual desires is in tune with efforts to propagate the values of fairness and equality of opportunity throughout the world. For example, in 1999 the World Association of Sexology, meeting in Hong Kong, adopted a Declaration of Sexual Rights, one of which is: “The right to sexual pleasure, which is a source of physical, psychological, intellectual and spiritual well-being.” Sex and Matriarchy is an antidote to the repressive social currents conspiring to deprive millions of men of this most basic right.

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Chapter I


Sexuality is God's good gift given to all people.
(Evangelical Lutheran Church1)

If the burden of Woman is giving birth, then the burden of Man is having orgasms.
(Men's Restroom Graffiti, Harvard)

IF WE TAKE a global perspective of humankind we find that sex is a universal need. There are, admittedly, some people (mostly women) who barely or rarely feel that need, yet it's so pervasive it must be termed basic. One anthropologist lists sex as one of four primary "bio-psychological principles" (along with eating, being active, and having love or affection),2 while another describes pleasure, including sexual pleasure, as an "evolutionary entitlement " as essential for human health and happiness as friends and food.3 And according to the wisdom of Ann Landers, "The sex drive is the strongest human drive after hunger.... There must be an outlet."4

Introductory psychology texts commonly present the late Abraham Maslow's concept of a "hierarchy of needs". The lower level needs are the physiological drives (thirst, hunger and sex), and these must be satisfied before higher level needs, such as for self-expression or spiritual fulfillment, can be fully realized. Unsatisfied needs lead to ill health (mental or physical or both); a cure is achieved by satisfying these needs. On the flip side, loss of interest in sex is a telling symptom of mental depression as well as a variety of physical ailments, clearly showing that having a sexual appetite is healthy.

Research has indeed shown that human health and happiness depend on the satisfaction of basic needs. Healthy and happy people create a healthy and happy society, which ours is obviously not. The importance of individual health and happiness to society as a whole is implicit in our Declaration of Independence's inclusion of "the pursuit of Happiness" as an unalienable right.

Unfortunately, our government has totally abdicated its responsibility to uphold the natural right to sexual fulfillment. Law after law has been passed in the name of every other imaginable right, to ensure that each citizen has at least minimal access to an education, the voting booth, the TV airwaves, and so on and on without ever a mention of what virtually every man and many women as well consider essential to their well-being: sexual fulfillment. Fact is, after more than two centuries of independence, our national sexual economy remains a distorted shambles. Any woman who wants to lead an active sex life has it, while tens of millions of men suffer from extreme sexual deprivation despite heroic efforts. This book is for those of us who are intimately acquainted with such suffering on a daily basis. By revealing the sources of male sexual deprivation and presenting viable solutions to one of society's most debilitating yet most denied scourges, this book truly serves as a manifesto for our cause.

In counterpoint to feminists who view the world through a filter that makes it look like men run everything for their own interests, we'll don the equally valid filter that women are actually, though quite subtly, in control. It is they who "created" the macho male through their own eugenic mating choices over eons of evolution, who breed fighting men to plunder on their behalf while dying early by the hordes, who decide whom among men will be allowed full sexual lives, who blame men for the world's mess while manipulatively hoarding the key to balance and sanity under their skirts. But we blame them not, for they are rarely even conscious of their controlling role. We only wish to work with them to create a better world for all.


As we shall see in later chapters, the world sociopolitical stage has been constructed by women in uneasy alliance with a relatively small number of leading men. We sexually deprived males are the teeming extras who provide the living backdrop before which women chase their dreams of genetic multiplication into realms of ever higher status. The eyes and minds of women only fleetingly examine and reject us, instead focusing on men of star quality strutting on center stage, quintessential men who are clearly more "man" than we could ever hope to be. Yet we fail to comprehend that we're mere extras whose names won't be in the credits and that our cultural scripts are written to make us act as if we matter so the whole show will seem authentic. So daily we wander the fringes of life's stage wrestling piles of paperwork and their associated headaches or exuding sweat while we labor, constantly confronted by women easily imagined as passionate participants in sensuous encounters. Most of them have spent stupendous amounts of time, effort and money getting attractive in the dressing room, suggesting they're sincere in their appearance of yearning and inviting us to envision the placid surfaces of their pampered faces growing animated with ecstasy if we were to share that magical mutuality of physical intimacy. If .... But women dress to kill only leading men, only leading men are "real", only leading men have sets with beds and scenes with sex. We are mere extras, toiling at our roles in the out-of-focus background.

Another apt metaphor for the plight of the sexually deprived male minions is that of being surrounded by water yet having barely a drop to drink. We've been stranded on a barren deserted isle by the passing tides of the Sexual Revolution. Potable water on the island usually turns out to be a mirage, but not always, so we join the teeming male horde scrabbling towards distant enticing images. The images usually disappear though, and if they are for real, on closer inspection they usually turn out to be weed-choked, mud-filled, mosquito-infested, quicksand-pitted. Our struggle for survival, and that of millions of other parched souls, barely succeeds as we subsist on raw imagination and the few drops of pleasure we manage to wring out with our own hands.


Sexual deprivation is surprisingly common in our so-called Land of Plenty, afflicting an estimated 27 million American men at any given time (the derivation of this estimate will be explained in detail in Chapter IV). Male sexual deprivation is a complex phenomenon, but it basically boils down to a shortage of sexually willing women relative to the sexual needs of men.

We should clarify here that this book is about the sexual deprivation of heterosexual men , which makes the beliefs and behaviors of heterosexual women a critical issue to be explored in depth. Although many homosexual men have indeed been tormented by women, overall they don't suffer much sexual deprivation because of their great willingness, generally, to engage in sex with each other. In this book we don't elevate one form of sex above another, since sexual desires are so variable and, after all, an orgasm is an orgasm. Indeed, in a later chapter we'll come to the point of considering the gay option as a possible partial solution to the daunting problem of male sexual deprivation.

As we indicated in the very first paragraph, we humans have a need for sex. The term sex drive is part of common parlance today, but was first used many decades ago by biologists and psychologists to denote the natural impulse that brings living creatures who might otherwise want nothing to do with each other into sexual union. The "hydraulic drive model" groups hunger, thirst and sexual desire as basic needs characterized by an inexorable buildup of "pressure" that, once it passes a critical point, propels the individual to seek relief.

Hunger and thirst are obviously different in nature from sexual desire because food and water are essential for immediate survival, while people can survive without sex. Yet sexual desire must be satisfied to ensure the long-term survival of an individual's genes and, hence, the species. Without an innate sex drive, humankind would not have evolved. On the other hand, humankind will survive even if many of its members forgo or are forced to do without sex, which is indeed the current situation. The issue then becomes: what are the effects on the individual and society when the sex drive is suppressed or given no outlet? Although it will be denied by the many who believe abstinence to be virtuous, the unfortunate answer is that most sexually deprived individuals suffer psychological warping that, collectively, causes society's gears to grind. All of us pay a price, for sexual deprivation leads people to behave in uncivilized ways, from use of demeaning sarcasm to rape and even mass murder.

One way to clarify the meaning of sexual deprivation is to contrast it with what the United Nations' World Health Organization calls sexual health : "Sexual health is the integration of the somatic, emotional, and social aspects of sexual being in ways that are positively enriching and that enhance personality, communication and love."5 The bedrock of sexual health is mutual genital stimulation by interacting individuals who, however fleetingly, experience a concomitant positive emotional bond. Human beings who are obstructed from interpersonal sexual contact soon experience a state of sexual deprivation. They may try to escape this painful state through self-stimulation, like caged zoo animals, but such acts give only brief relief while accentuating feelings of sexual isolation.

We can now present a definition: sexual deprivation is an absence of sexual fulfillment for long enough time to result in emotional imbalance and/or behavioral deviance . It isn't possible to be more precise as to how long is too long because sexual deprivation is a relative thing, just like every other aspect of the human experience. Sex drive isn't constant, even for a single individual, since it varies according to a myriad factors ranging from life stage to exposure to beer commercials. One man might feel deprived after a day or two without sex while another might not feel deprived for months.

However, two generalizations are possible. First, sexual deprivation is a male problem. No sex-seeking woman could fail to find a partner within a single day if she set her mind to it. Second, sexual fulfillment for heterosexual males means sex with (human) females.

That second generalization derives from how the male brain is wired. Show a heterosexual man a picture of a nude woman, or better yet a video of a couple making love, and his pupils will widen and his penis will probably twitch if not harden. It's automatic. By contrast, few women are easily aroused by something so mundane as the mere sight of genitals. In the same way that a cat goes into hunting mode when a small moving object enters its field of vision, men are automatically aroused when presented with such stimuli as female breasts, genitals, and curvaceous figures, or even just hints that such are present under clothes. The greater a man's sex drive, the more readily he's stimulated by increasingly less quintessential female stimuli. All human societies have gone to great lengths to maintain social order by severely limiting the situations in which men may act on their arousal. But it's cruel and inhumane when a society, such as ours, denies so many men the opportunity to achieve what their bodies demand, which is sex with a woman. To leave them no options besides self-stimulation is like tormenting a caged cat with a parade of free-roaming mice and tweety birds.


The scourge of male sexual deprivation has been ignored ever since the Pilgrims landed largely because open public discussion of sexual issues is against American social norms. The situation in America stands in sharp contrast to that in much of the rest of the world. Just imagine, in Italy, despite its strong Roman Catholic heritage, X-rated movies are shown uncensored on television and a stripper gets elected to Parliament, while in Australia, prostitutes are allowed to claim income tax deductions on such business expenses as whips and condoms and to depreciate their beds for wear and tear.

In this book, our nation's hidden shame of widespread male sexual deprivation is finally exposed to light. It will become clear that sexual deprivation has always been a plague in America--and now it's getting even worse as some strains of feminism convince more and more women that sex with men is bad or at least unappealing (and if they ever thought otherwise it was because the patriarchal system run by men somehow brainwashed them into believing the human vagina and penis were meant to fit together).

Fortunately, our legal system is responsive to claims that the rights of particular groups of citizens are being denied. What we sexually deprived males must start doing is asserting our right to the sexual fulfillment that's taken for granted by so many of our fellow citizens. During the 1950s, the Civil Rights movement began making Americans aware of the need to ensure equal treatment for people of color, paving the way for many other deprived groups to also assert and be guaranteed their rights by Congress and the courts. If enough sexually deprived males make enough noise, we too can garner guarantees of our rights.

One of the key outcomes of the Civil Rights movement has been to infuse our government with an abiding concern for equal access and treatment for everyone, no matter what their personal attributes. That's why official terminology is moving towards the "people first" format which focuses on our common humanity. For example, people hit with all-limb paralysis should be called "persons with quadriplegia" rather than "quadriplegics" because the latter label defines people in terms of this one characteristic and strips them of other aspects of their humanity. Other correct terms include Americans with disabilities (rather than "the disabled"), persons with mental illness (rather than "the mentally ill" or "psychos"), and so on. However, we sexually deprived males emphatically reject a "people first" label such as "males with sexual deprivation"! Why? Because, as will be made clear in the next chapter, sex is a quintessential activity for the human male. A man who has been deprived of sex has, truly, been stripped of a major part of his humanity. He defines himself by his deprivation, which can reach such proportions that it suffuses his every thought and breath. To call him a "male with sexual deprivation" is to belittle his condition and imply that radical feminists are right in their absurd belief that men can easily dispel their sex drive by simply ignoring it.

No, we are truly sexually deprived males, and we know we deserve to be the next neglected group on whom Congress bestows previously denied rights. But that's something that won't happen all by its lonesome. It needs friends and relatives from the community of humankind to push it along--and the sexually deprived have nothing if not an abundance of human capital, because close to a third of all adult males are sexually deprived at any given time! That's a huge voting bloc which, if it ever gets organized, survival-conscious politicians will have to court. But the males who dominate politics are among the sexually satiated, so they need to be educated. They are so out of touch with our reality as to be oblivious to the distortions in the sexual economy that marginalize many millions of us American men and deny us vaginal access in our daily praxis. We must let politicos know that our votes are absolutely contingent on commitment to make that economy fair and open to all.


Knowledge empowers. If our movement is to wax and thrive, we need to know the objective truth about how we came to our present abject state. There is in fact a wealth of knowledge about the complex intertwining forces which have brought us to this dismal instant in time and are carrying us into the future. Rational use of this knowledge can foster a future in which sexual fulfillment for all becomes reality rather than just another testosterone-induced fantasy.

This pioneering volume weaves sundry threads into a coherent tapestry in which we can wrap our dashed hopes and broken dreams and bury them in the landfill of history where they belong. The threads are drawn from many fields, including ethnology, geopolitics, sociology, economics, evolutionary biology, psychology, and critical praxis theory. Hence the model of male sexual deprivation which we present is called, for short, the ethnogeosocioecobiopsychobehavioral model (see Figure 1 below).

Our explanatory model resonates with the personal histories of most sexually deprived males, but it's essential that we foreground our theoretical biases and clearly present our rationale in order to convince the rest of America that we've been truly wronged. The next chapter, How Woman Made Man , provides a solid grounding in current scientific thought about human evolution and biology. This sets the stage for unmasking the hegemony of matriarchy--which obfuscates reality by condemning the hegemony of a mythical patriarchy--in Chapter III, Patriarchy in the Service of Matriarchy . In Chapter IV, The American Sexual Economy , we critically dissect the current inequitable system of distribution and exchange of our nation's sexual resources. Then in Chapter V, Of Ostriches and Solutions , we discuss what needs to be done to fix the sexual economy. This process is likely to be so arduous that many of us won't live long enough to enjoy the benefits, so Chapter VI, Advice for the Sexually Deprived Male , suggests short-term solutions for making our lives a little more bearable.


As we sexually deprived males learn about the true causes of our condition and begin coming together to do something about it, we need to define our mission in concrete terms in order to guide our collective agitation for justice. The following manifesto serves that very purpose:

We, the Legions of sexually deprived Males in the United States of America, hereby demand that the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches of our duly constituted Government recognize and guarantee our fundamental constitutional Right to pursue mental Health and Happiness through participation in a sexual Economy that is fair and open to All. In order to attain what has been denied to us since the founding of the Nation, the following initial enabling Steps must perforce be taken through the vigorous Enforcement of existing Laws and Regulations or, where necessary, the Passage and Enforcement of new Laws and Regulations, with sufficient Funding to fully achieve each and every of the following Objectives:

I. Recognition of sexual Fulfillment as a fundamental human Need and Right, the denial of which inevitably leads to Disturbances in individual mental Health and Rents in the collective Fabric of Society;

II. Launching of a substantive research Program on why the sexual Economy is so severely distorted and means of bringing Supply and Demand into Balance;

III. Provision of all necessary Assistance to Males who are unable to attain sexual Fulfillment due to Intelligence, socioeconomic Status, Gender, Age, physical or mental Disabilities, or unavoidable Deficits in personal Appearance; and

IV. Dismantling of Monopolies on sexual Resources by Males undeservedly advantaged by Wealth, Power, and/or personal Appearance.


1 George W. Cornell, "Lutheran Church's Sexuality Report Stops Short of Solutions", The Washington Post , December 7, 1991, p. E16.
2 Marvin Harris, Cultural Materialism: The Struggle for a Science of Culture . New York: Random House, 1979, p. 63.
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5 World Health Organization, Education and Treatment in Human Sexuality: The Training of Health Professionals , Technical Report No. 572. Geneva: World Health Organization, 1975, p. 6.

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    Fri, July 25, 2008 - 3:18 PM
    This book is a joke. Most of the assertions aren't true: a woman can find someone to have sex with but most men can't. Sure a woman could probably pick up some guy who will have sex with her (probably not good sex) if she is able to overcome social conditioning. The fact is most guys can get sex in under 4 hours (one word for you: prostitution).

    Seriously though guys if you are a man suffering from "sexually deprivation" just look up "pick up community", "seduction community" and "social dynamics" on google. I have been in the pickup/seduction community for around 4 yrs now and it has done wonders.....

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    Re: sexual deprivation

    Fri, July 25, 2008 - 7:50 PM
    Honestly, I couldn't read through this. To me this reads like a lot of the stuff that comes out of mainstream feminism...more like a diatribe than anything.... Personally, I don't believe in Matriarchies controlling men any more than I believe in Patriarchies controlling women. I don't think either exist. It seems to me that something far more complex is happening, and I find that trying to paint matri-patri-archies where none exist only serves as another divisive wedge between the sexes.

    And I agree with Burton. Any man, regardless of "Intelligence, socioeconomic Status, Gender, Age, physical or mental Disabilities, or unavoidable Deficits in personal Appearance" can get sex fairly easily if he bothers to learn a few things about himself and how he interacts with women.

    The thing that I like about this Woodhull thing is that he does not seem afraid to explore how women wield power. I think looking at the different ways that men and women exert power and control over others seems fascinating. I've read a number of articles about research in this area.

    I liked "If Men Have All the Power, Why Do Women Make the Rules?" by Jack Kammer. He throws a spotlight on a lot of ways that women wield power that people do not notice.